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20 Sep 2017
Bizarre game as the coach of Alavés arrived on Tuesday and could be out before Saturday. Depor’s coach seemed worried with his team and explained the injury of Adrian.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Tuesday’s afternoon; he seemed depressed and confirmed that Adrián is out for injury reasons. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Tension on this week? “There are three games in one week and that’ always important, because it means nine points. It’s good to have a game soon after not having a good result.”

Criticism from the fans: “It’s normal, a team that isn’t winning. I cannot give an explanation. What the fans want is to see the team winning, anything else is only words. We need to win tomorrow and it’s the best way to convert the criticism.”

Pressure over the coach: “It’s normal, what I know is that the team played for twelve points and only added one. I cannot wait for anything else.”

Adrián “He got injured, he is a last-minute casualty with a muscle problem. I don’t want to valorize the injury, the doctors will judge, but is surely a casualty for this game and also for Sunday. He is a player that adds things and that also scored a good goal, he brings links and that’s the reason why we signed him. Each day he was better, and this problem affects us. He is an important casualty. We will put another player, but with different characteristics. He is now slowing down and will have now to start from zero.”

Lucas Pérez: “The important thing is that he can be fine, the problem is that we signed a player that didn’t train during the summer, so his physical level is very low. It can only be lifted with trainings, and also with minutes, because a game is different from a training session. That’s why he had minutes against Real Sociedad and Betis, and tomorrow he will have minutes too.  We need the Lucas that we know, but his best version still has to arrive.”

Alavés: A big question mark for everybody, because I watched them at Balaídos and know their players, but now everything is different as they arrive with a new coach.”

Defensive problems: “It’s obvious that we allow too many goals, a team allowing so many goals has to reach the last stage in the season with 70 goals in favour in order to compensate. It’s the bleeding we need to stop with the quality of our footballers. We need to be better in defence, and it’s also true that there are important details that make you lose points, like against Betis we failed four counterattacks, and in only one attack Guardado won the game.”

Expectations for the game: “I guess it will be a game of nerves, because both teams aren’t fine. Both teams need to win, we know the meaning, we hope to have cold blood and play with the head, which is what we need to do. It’s also true that we need the intensity that the game demands, because we cannot give anything for free.”

Sidnei: “He skipped two training session for a problem in the knee and by having a game on Sunday it was absurd to pick him, so it is a mixture of many things.”

Javier Cabello is the improvised coach for the game. He was named on Monday and offered a press conference one day later. He was saying that the team needs to react and revert the current situation. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Game at the Riazor: “I particularly don’t care where we play, tomorrow we must go out until death. Tomorrow we should go out to give everything. We need to start reacting and revert this situation. “

The situation of the team: “The capacity of the team hasn’t been reflected in points and neither in game, but we have a good group, with a good capacity to work, the players have the courage to revert this situation. I am confident that the strength of the group is going to change things.”

Saturdays game against Real Madrid: “We are only thinking of tomorrow’s game. But we are conscious that the competition isn’t stopping. We must be prepared. What we only want is to compete tomorrow.”

Changes at the lineup? “We must react besides the names, the important thing is the team.”

The exit of the previous coach: “Nobody likes this situation, the club the first. It affects everyone. Yesterday was the first impact and it had repercussions, but we need to move on. Tomorrow we have a game and need to revert the situation as we need to react.”

Team’s mentality : “We allowed a goal and it affected us in a way in which we all are conscious. It cannot be like that, it’s one of the points to be improved: we cannot be affected after receiving a punch, because this is a competition in which we will still receiving punches.”



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