24 Nov 2017
Fede Cartabia conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinón A Coruña, the Argentine playmaker analyzed the situation after the defeat in Málaga and also before the home game with Athletic Club.

Q: What’s Cristóbal transmitting to you?
A: Tranquility. In phases of the game we were superior to Málaga and we have to be happy about that, but we have to be a little more focused on tactical aspects that are costing us the games. We try to fix the mistakes we made in match at Málaga, so that it won’t happen again against Athletic.

Q: What happened in the final stretch at La Rosaleda to see the game escaping from your hands?
A: These are details that mark you. We had the chance to score the 1-3 and we didn’t. In a play they made it 2-2, and with the push of their people they ended up taking a match that they didn’t deserve to win. It was a close match and the fairest result would have been the draw.

Q: Why did the team get so defensive?
A: It was their push. They needed the three points, with their people, and that forced us to throw ourselves a little behind, nothing more, but I think that throughout the game we were very offensive.

Q: Was there some relaxation for feeling superior?
A: No. Under no circumstances was relaxation. They also play.

Q: You came from playing a great game against Atlético, but in Málaga you couldn’t maintain that level. Did you accuse physical problems?
A: Yeah right. It’s difficult to train during the week and then play the game, but I think that until the 60th minute the body endured me.

Q: And just after your exit the comeback of Málaga begun.
A: These are coincidences, details of the game. It has nothing to do with it. Right at the moment I left they scored the goal, but it isn’t anyone's fault, it can even be mine, because I left.

Q: With Cristóbal the game has improved, but the results are still missing.
A: Yes. The true is that we are playing a little better. We press much higher and attack doing more damage. What happens is that we are penalized by the mistakes. We have to improve that. If we do it, we will go up.

Q: What has changed the most with the new coach?
A: He tries to push much higher and likes to have the ball. For players like me, opening the field is important.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable now, with this 4-3-3?
A: I always feel comfortable. I always want to play. I hope he keeps doing it and I will always be comfortable. Obviously, when the team wins, much more.

Q: What does the coach ask?
A: To go out and enjoy on the field.

Q: Do you feel in a moment of great confidence?
A: With more confidence, yes, because it's the one that Pepe [Mel] gave me and the one Cristóbal keeps giving me, and that's important for me. I hope to keep growing, keep helping and keep improving a lot, I came for that. I’m a young boy and I want to grow.

Q: Athletic play for everything in the Europa League against Hertha. Do you think they can accuse that effort on Sunday at the Riazor?
A: Athletic have a very large squad, with very good players. I don’t think it will affect them for the weekend’s game.

Q: In the League they are also needed, like Depor.
A: Yes. They come from a difficult streak. We are two equal teams, in need. It's going to be a nice match and we hope to win, which is going to be an important step.

Q: Especially considering the difficulty of the calendar.
A: The games have to be played, regardless of the opponent. We will try to get as many points as possible.

Q: Does the way of seeing things change by the fact that relegation is now closer, to only four points?
A: No. I’m relaxed. For the group, for the teammates and for the quality that we have, I don’t think this team is in a hurry. Hopefully we can win two or three games in a row so that that will give us moral and keep growing.

Q:  Is it what you need to get loose and uncover the optimal version of Depor?
A: Yes. It would be important to win a couple of matches in a row. The team can assure you that it will be different.

Q: Is it possible to achieve the goal of saving yourself with ease?
A: Yes. It’s the goal for us. We’ve a spectacular group and players of great quality. The results aren’t the ones we expected as we are demonstrating things in the games, but hopefully this year, finally, it will be quiet.

Q: Is the key for salvation to become strong at the Riazor?
A: Yes. In the game against Atlético we didn’t deserve to lose. These are isolated plays, the rival has a lot of quality and takes advantage of them. Against Athletic it will be very difficult. We will try to make ourselves strong in our house, which is what we have to prove to the rivals to come.

Q: Several important players will not be able to play against Athletic, will it be an equally competitive Depor?
A: Yes. I'm calm because the teammates who are behind will supply them in the best possible way.



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