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02 Dec 2017
Depor’s coach explained the situation with Arribas, Andone, Sidnei and Schär. Sevilla CF face the game without Berizzo, so his assistant Ernesto Marcucci is commanding the team.

Cristobal Parralo addressed the media on Friday’s noon. As always he didn’t give clues about the lineup for the game, while he assured that the situation with Arribas and Andone is back to normal. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Arribas and Andone: “I said before that the case was over, they are on the roster, because we believe they can help the team. They are available players, like the rest. They are involved and we consider that both are ready to travel to Seville.”

Albentosa: “We considered that Arribas should be in, so Raúl is out. We are searching for the right profiles and this is the right call, there’s nothing more.”

Tough visit to Sevilla CF: “We must always believe, each time we play we must compete and search for the victory. We must always give the impression that we had the option of winning the game. It is a good team playing in a scenario with a lot of pressure, but, independently of whom the rival is, I am only worried of my team.”

Sevilla: “It’s a good team, they exchanged some players with ones that arrived this season, but this is a team with intensity and with unbalance on both wings. Their aerial game is dangerous. I won’t talk of the things I don’t like, because it is what I am planning to exploit.”

Inspiration from Wednesday’s game: “For me Wednesday’s game wasn’t an obstacle, for me it was an opportunity to see players and try to compete. We were trying to have options if they were making mistakes and it was like that.”

Borja Valle: “Logically his performance helped, also the trainings. Borja Valle made a good job, like the rest of partners. It is difficult to keep a high level after been a while without playing. He ended tired and we had to replace him, but we are content with his work and that’s why he is on the roster. He can play in many positions.”

4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3? “The cards will be shown tomorrow. I already said that I never played a full game with a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1, there are changes; actually there are games in which we are 4-2-3-1 defending and 4-3-3 attacking, so we will see it tomorrow.”

 Sidnei and Schär: “They are ready, if they weren’t ready then they weren’t on the roster. They can compete.”

Fede Valverde: “He has a great quality and is also a hard worker. He can play in several positions, but maybe where I like him the most is when he can drill passes or have runs towards the goal. He is a player that has a better performance at the centre, organizing the game.”

With Berizzo out, Ernesto Marcucci is the one commanding the team. The Argentine addressed the media on Friday’s noon and explained the status of his side. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Berizzo: "He is very well, content and we are all very happy with the evolution. We always talk, keep making decisions and the communication is continuous, daily. Decisions that go well will be my responsibility, those that go wrong will be his responsibility [he joked]”

Will the coach return before Christmas?"I think so, although we will do the impossible to keep him the maximum time outside of his work, because the only thing that interests us is his health and his recovery. If it were for him, he would be working tomorrow, but we won’t leave him. Everything has gone great and for a game or a few days we will not interrupt this positive process, it would be a shame. Now that he has more time available he will look at everything, so we must be careful, so he won’t find any error.”

Coming back in the score within the last games: "We have talked about it and we are aware of that, we don’t want to live again an epic comeback. The good thing is that the team has it, but we hope we won’t need it and also that we can win the games more calmly. But sometimes you cannot do it. It’s an intrinsic value that the team has and it’s highly positive, a pride for those who train here. "

Nzonzi “He remains out for a tactical reason and yes, the decision can be reverted.”

Kjaer “He has improved a lot, but for precaution we won’t expose him in a game after only completing a few training sessions. He will be available for Champions.”

Rotations? “We will try to put the best starting eleven for each game. I won’t advance anything, but Lenglet is available and in those circumstances we analyze what’s coming. We have a very tough game tomorrow and another one in Champions.”



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