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22 Dec 2017
The Riazor Blues are wisely trying to motivate the players using inappropriate quotes from the past, while the players and coaches analyze the Galician derby without major highlights, the exception were the mockery from Luisinho.

Calmed environment before the derby, as it’s common in recent seasons, Abanca, a big sponsor of both Deportivo and RC Celta, organized a campaign to present a friendly derby environment under the slogan Imposible sen ti (impossible without you).

The only flavor coming out from this environment were some comments from Luisinho and Lucas Pérez, plus the tactic implemented by the Riazor Blues in order to motivate the players. It turns out that each day of the week this group has been hanging a signboard at the stands of Abegondo with an inappropriate phrase pronounced by someone related to RC Celta.

On Tuesday it was related to Celta’s coach Juan Carlos Unzué, who after the defeat against Villarreal CF said that it was “Lucky for them to play on Saturday in A Coruña after losing before Villarreal”. This since his players won’t need an extra motivation after the last defeat at home. The message at the signboard was “How lucky, on Saturday we play in A Coruña”

By Wednesday it was time for the major of Vigo, Abel Caballero, who is known for his negativism towards Deportivo. A few years back he was commenting the fact that big screens were put in Vigo in order to watch the derby to be played at the Riazor, and he joked saying “On here we can watch the 0-3 of the derby at the Riazor”, and that’s exactly the message of the banner for that day. And on Thursday the banner was dedicated to Iago Aspas and his phrase from two years ago: “Celta is the best team from Galicia.”


Cristóbal Parralo: “These are three important points, but it’d also a special game that the fans have marked in the calendar. It’s an important moment and we want to see the fans feeling proud of us. We will try to bring joy to the fans, lately we haven’t been able to do it. These are always equal games, but we play at the Riazor and we need to be strong at home.”

Pedro Mosquera: “It’s important to promote the respect among the fans and players, we should realize that we are Galician and that, in some way, we represent Galicia, not only A Coruña and Vigo. We represent Galicia in Spain and in the rest of the world. In my case I feel proud of representing the badge of Deportivo, team that’s mine since been a child.”

Emre Çolak: “As it happens to the rest of the fans, it’s an important game to me. I know they feel sympathy for the Turkish people and I will do anything I can to get the points on the field. I will meet my compatriot Emre Mor, though we aren’t friends as he doesn’t speak Turkish and I don’t speak English. This week we will try to talk in Galician and let’s see how it works [he laughed]”

Celso Borges: This is another level, we are content and at the same time anxious to face the game. We are hopeful and, taking in mind the situation at the standings, things are more interesting. Let’s hope it can be a peaceful party. I believe that the fact of playing at home means a point in our favour. It must be a tool to move forward with the game. We like to play at the Riazor, because people support us and we can use it in our favour.”

Fabian Schär: "We know this is one of the most important games for the fans, the team and everybody. We hope to spend a very nice Christmas and win the game. I don’t think we must think of winning or losing, 90 minutes are there to define the game and I’m sure all the players will be ready and will give everything in order to win.”

Luisinho: “To play in a field like this one, with these fans, and against a historic club, it’s normal that people from Celta fell a little important for coming to Riazor. It’s like when we travel to play against Barcelona or Madrid. It’s a pretty field, a historic club and it happens the same when Celta come to play here. You are eager to demonstrate things, because you come to play against a big club from Spain, a team with titles, with a past and it’s normal that any player coming here is doing it with hope.”

Lucas Pérez: “What matters to me in the derby is to win and tie with them in points. The derby will be defined in the individual duels. Celta like to attack and have the ball possession, and that’s the key as we need to counteract it having the ball. After what happened the other day in Barcelona, there’s more desire to play the derby.”

Lucas Pérez on the major of Vigo: “He should be more worried in not having each year a flooded pitch at Balaídos. He should be more worried of not seeing the club leaving the city.”


Juan Carlos Unzué: “The side playing at home always have a little more strength, because to be with the fans putting pressure is something that always give you an advantage. Right now, we have lesser points of the ones we wanted, but I’m sure we are on the right way to achieve it.”

Jonny: “I already played several derbies and these are the kind of games that you want to play, you are never tired of playing these matches.”

Iago Aspas: “I am calm. I know that in A Coruña they won’t welcome me with flowers, the same the players of Deportivo are despised on here, to say it in one way. Buy everyone defend their interests. These are always tough games. We arrive like last year: three points above them. If they win then it will be a moral boost and for us, after the bad game against Villarreal, a victory would link us with the upper zone at the standings, which is where we want to be.”

Rubén Blanco: “They defend pretty well, they are well positioned and when they have the ball, they have quality people in attack and at any moment they can create a scoring opportunity out of nowhere. We will need to be alert, to have the weight of the game in our shoulders, we need to prevent their scoring chances, and later we need to seize the ones we will have.”

Gustavo Cabral: “It’s a derby of a city against a city: A Coruña against Vigo. There’s a special feeling among people in order to win this game. For us it will be helpful to climb some positions and return home well, and for the people it would be a great joy to end the year with this victory, winning at the Riazor, a difficult stadium and against the rival from all life.”

Hugo Mallo: “There isn’t any favourite in the derby, neither they nor us. Any detail can unbalance the game.”

Daniel Wass: “I guess it will be an intense game and that it will respond to the confidence and hope of both group of fans. It’s something special for all the Galician fans and I hope to be able to participate.”




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