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01 Jan 2018
Celso Borges was the first one to address the media after the Christmas break, he was commenting the current situation of the team and is optimistic despite the bad moment of the team.

Centre midfielder Celso Borges addressed the media after the break. He was talking of how the team faced the Christmas break with the team in relegation, “The holidays are more complicated, surely it’s useful to be disconnected as you gain pace, but you left with that at the bottom of your head. You rest as you clean things in your head, but the break was only that. We are coming with the will of working and fix as soon as possible the situation.”

Then the midfielder expressed his wishes for 2018, “My wish is to have a good second round, that we can turnaround the current situation, and that we will go into the summer with the duties done and face next season with optimism.”

Borges was also analyzing the disappointment for the poor season of Deportivo, “It has been a season in which we earned experience with the things lived, we will love to be in another position. This is a collective game and things are like this, we will love to improve things and work hard. We work in order to have a good performance, I still didn’t have the chance to have a tranquil season on here, but sometimes things don’t go as you wish. At some point the good moments will arrive, and when they arrive we cannot go mad.”

He was asked about the responsibility of the players for the current situation, and the answer was, “My feeling is that everyone is trying to help, later, as we don’t get the results, we start listing the reasons. That part is the easiest thing to do and we must stay strong. In the end the team still has the ability to improve. The good results will come. We have a good idea and are working at the top, so I think things will be magnified.”

About the unhappiness among the fans, he commented that, “Its normal that, when the team loses before the biggest rival, the fans are hurt. We are also feeling hurt and the fans have the right to feel bad and disappointed. What we need to do is to work hard. We have been lucky as they have been very patient. We tried to represent Deportivo in the best way, but sometimes the words end in nothing when the results don’t come.”

The Central American was also commenting on the criticism over the centre midfielders at the team, “It’s normal to hear these things. In the end what you need to do is to win and bring a couple of good games for the people. We must learn how to live with these things.”

Finally, Borges commented on the upcoming calendar, “It depends on how you see things. If you see it as a challenge, it’s good. You want to play before good rivals, it gives more merits to the points you add. We are going out for everything. There isn’t any easy game, and neither one that’s impossible. I still believe in my partners. Let the games come and we will face them.”




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