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24 Jan 2018
New signing Eneko Bóveda completed his first training session and later talked to reporters. He explained why he chose Depor and his characteristics as a player.

Eneko Bóveda addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon, the new signing of Depor explained how he landed at the Galician club, “I spent two and a half years at Athletic and saw how my participation was decreasing, then I started to look for options at the market. At some point there were contacts with several teams, and Depor is the one that showed more interest and urgency, and what I wished was to fight for goals, so the option of Deportivo was the better one.

I know Depor since I was at Eibar and as both side clinched the promotion together, and for my relation with Gaizka [Garitano] I am aware of the recent history of Depor. The goal is pretty clear, especially in this situation. I am open to help the team.” He added.

The incident of Çolak stained his first session, for the right-back it wasn’t something abnormal, “These things happen in football. When things are wrong, then the humor changes. The squad is aware of the goals and that’s the important thing. The people that will play should be focused in what the coach wants.”

Asked if the Basque defender already talked to coach Cristóbal Parralo, he just stated that, “I met him and I trust him. He is the right coach that will clinch the goals. It’s the formula to show the quality of the team.”

He was also asked if he talked with former coach Gaizka Garitano, “I talked to him for a while and he told me great things of the club. I trust him for the relationship that we have, and when a person is sacked and is still talking good things, then you should have in mind his words.”

Bóveda was also explained that he can perform as a right-back and also as a centre-back, “I feel confident in both positions, each coach likes some characteristics, besides there are different tactics that you can use and he is the one that will see the right place to see me helping the team. I don’t like the labels of defensive or offensive, surely each one will have their opinion after watching me. For me it’s wrong to label a player just for one single facet.”

Asked about how he sees Depor, the ex-Athletic man said that, “It’s a team with good players, truly it’s probable that, at the beginning of the season, the hopes were different, we must be humble and must fight for the goal of salvation. For me this is encouraging, I was fine at Athletic, but on here my hopes are renewed. Surely the ones blaming on here will feel hurt, but things can change with positive results”

Finally, Bóveda assured that he is fit to play on Saturday, “I made the medicals yesterday and if the doctors said that I was fine, then I am ready. If the coach puts me then it will be fine, if not it will be because others are better.”



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