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15 Jan 2007
The injury that Valer??n suffered on Monday's training started the alarm bells in the club. He was taken immediately to Madrid and it was feared the worst possible scenario. But the emergency ended in nothing since the same player confirmed that it wasn't a serious problem, just a contracture that will put him out of action for one week. Meanwhile, Iago is asking the club for an exit, and it seems that Vecindario it's his possible destiny.

Juan Carlos Valer??n confirmed in a press conference in Madrid that his new injury in the right knee isn't serious: "It's a process, we have a knee that has been operated twice and we have the risk that it could happen again. We are in the middle of the recuperation process, and currently the risk is higher, and that's why we took this precaution measures. I am just happy to see that my knee is able to support this little problems."

The Canarian playmaker also explained the reason why the doctors decided to take him to Madrid: "During the training, I made a movement and I felt a sensation of instability, I felt something in my knee. After that, the first scans weren't clear and the doctors acted with coherency since they decided that the best thing was to come to Madrid."

Valer??n will be in evaluation during the next days, but the doctors have ordered that he has to rest for one week. Meaning that he will miss today's copa confrontation with Mallorca and the liga visit of Espanyol to Riazor. Later the doctors will decide if the Canarian is able to start the second round with Depor in the difficult visit to Zaragoza.

Other player that's making headlines is Iago Iglesias. The Galician youngster has only played 69 minutes on this liga season, and he is desperate in order to obtain an opportunity. That's why Iago has decided to leave the club during the winter window. A decision that he explained to reporters: "I have taken this decision, simply because I need a good option in order to gain some minutes."

Iago also admitted that the best option for him, is to go on loan to Vecindario, the Segunda club that has a collaboration deal with Depor: "I want to play, and the best chance it's in Vecindario, although nothing has been agreed yet." Iago also said that his exit to the Canarian club isn't related to a possible comeback of Xisco to Depor, as some papers were speculating.

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