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02 Dec 2018
Incredible game at Abegondo; Fabril were trailing 1-3 by minute 79 and the lads pulled three goals in the last stretch to add the third victory on the season.

Coach Sergio Pellicer was still missing Bicho for injury reasons. Mujaid was out of the game for disciplinary reasons. The defender trained with Juvenil A during the week as a punishment. Iago Novo from Laracha CF was on the bench. Once again there were several changes at the lineup. 

The draw was a 4-2-3-1 figure. Pedro López was the starting goalie, Blas Alonso covered the right side in defence, Lucas Viña played on the left, Quique Fornos and Steve One were the centre-backs. Carlos López and Iago Gandoy were the centre midfielders, Juan Jesús Argüez ‘Juanje’ attacked from the left wing, Víctor García did it from the right, Joni Montiel was the playmaker and Pedro Correia was the centre forward.

The rival was Real Madrid Castilla, the B squad of Real Madrid arrived to the game as the third place at the standings. Coach Manolo Díaz was relying in Cristo González for the goals (five goals on the season).

Huge comeback for Fabril; the team was paying a high price for its defensive errors, but pulled three goals in the end to rescue the game. The pace was slow at the start; the first approximation for Fabril was a cross of Lucas Viña on the left that Víctor García didn’t meet at the far post (8’). Two minutes later the same Víctor fired from the left wing and the ball went out.

And Castilla found the first goal in their first big chance. It was a corner-kick in which Manu Hernando found the ball at the box and his header went in by the far post. The goal crushed Fabril’s spirit, the visiting side was looking dangerous through the moves of Jaume and Fidalgo, so the Galicians were struggling.

Víctor García had a big chance at minute 24, but he sent the ball out firing from the right during a counterattack (24’).  The winger was the best player in the game, but that was only a spark of a Fabril that missed depth and width. Neither Castilla were creating danger though they were looking better.

But Fabril managed to find the equalizer, and it was through Víctor García, who fired from the edge of the area after been assisted by Pedro, visiting goalie Luca Zidane was unable to contain the ball and it ended at the back of the net.

And Castilla found again the lead in a set-piece. Fornos committed a foul at the edge of the area and Cristo González was lucky to score in the free-kick, because his attempt hit the wall and fooled Pedro López going into the far post.

The second half started with a more focused Fabril, the lads had two chances to score in a frame of five minutes. In the first the cross of Víctor García was sent out by Juanje (46’), four minutes later Pedro missed the target with a crossed shot from the right side of the box.

But Fabril paid the price again for its defensive mismatches, after three straight corner corner-kicks for the locals, Zidane make a long throw and De Frutos ended releasing a cross from the right, Quique Fornos tried to anticipate Cristo, but only scored an own goal. 

Uxío replaced Pedro Correia and the fourth goal was close to arrive, Cristo headed a cross from the left, the ball hit the ground and miraculously went over the crossbar (59’).  Iago Novo debuted replacing Juanje, in his first play Fabril could have scored. He released a cross from the left and Uxío headed the ball out (66’).

The third modification was the entry of Guillermo May for Iago Gandoy. Fabril seemed lost, but found the way to pull three goals after been losing 1-3 by minute 79. It all started with a long pass by One into the right wing that was rapidly headed by Víctor García, the ball went into the area and into the path of May, who released a low cross that was connected by Uxío at the box.

Only three minutes later the lads were tying the score. Iago Novo assisted Lucas Viña on the left, then he released a cross and Guillermo May scored with a downward header. The game became exciting and Pedro López made two saves against Cristo (83’ & 87’).

And Fabril were going to win the game with a goal scored in the added time.  A lateral free-kick of Montiel ended in a cross into the area, the visiting defence tried to play the offside, but only left Víctor García alone as Jaime Seoane never moved and the winger headed the ball into the far post.

Incredible reaction from Fabril. The team was losing 1-3 by minute 79 and was paying a high price for the defensive errors. But then they scored three goals in twelve minutes to end adding the third win of the season. Víctor García was the best player in the game, May and Uxío rescued the result coming out from the bench. Also good debut for Iago Novo. The team stays in relegation and next weekend visit Unionistas de Salamanca CF

Fabril (4-2-3-1) Pedro López – Blas Alonso, Quique Fornos, One, Lucas Viña – Iago Gandoy (May 76’), Carlos López – Víctor García, Joni Montiel, Juanje (Iago Novo 65’) – Pedro Correia (Uxío 57’).
Castilla: (4-2-3-1) Luca Zidane – Sergio López, Fran García, De La Fuente (Álex Martin 69’), Manu Hernando – Jaume, De Frutos – Fidalgo, Jaime Seoane, Feuillassier- Cristo.
Goals: 0-1: (14’) Manu Hernando, 1-1: (36’) Víctor García, 1-2: (45+1’) Cristo, 1-3: (56’) Fornos (o.g.), 2-3: (79’) Uxío, 3-3: (82’) May, 4-3: (90+1’) Víctor García
Referee: Alfonso Vicente Moral. He showed yellow card to Fornos (44’) & Pedro López (89’).
Venue: Abegondo:




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