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24 Dec 2018
Depor didn’t lost for switching the system, but for not seizing its opportunities and for failing in defence. The sixth best streak of the club gets to an end.

The five notes from the game at Cádiz CF:

1- Weird game: A three-goal difference invites to think of a huge superiority of one side over the other one, but it wasn’t like that in this meeting. Depor had the best ball possession of the season (70%) and had some good opportunities, and not only lost, but also ended scoreless. Truly the Galicians had offensive problems, but it cannot be said that they didn’t have their chances; actually they had nine.

Four were shots on target that were sent directly into where local goalie Cifuentes was standing, two were good saves from the keeper, while the other three were a wide attempt from Borja Valle (32’), a header of Duarte that passed close to the post (66’) and a shot/cross from Krohn-Dehli that was going to hit the post before been deflected by the keeper (77’). Meanwhile, Cádiz scored three goals only needing three shots on target, two of them when Depor was already desperate in attack. Like the coaches like to say, football is football. 

2- The new system: It was a big surprise to see Natxo González using a system with three centre-backs, the plan was to increase the aids on the sides as Cádiz’s strength is on the wings, and the true is that it worked out. Because Cádiz didn’t have the ball to attack from the sides and Depor didn’t suffer too much in defence.

The problem is that any system depends of the aim of the players in order to succeed, and if the strikers don’t seize the changes then it’s possible to win. Also, a line with three centre-backs is infective if the players are committing mistakes, the first goal came after a bad pass from Alex and a poor reaction from Somma, from that point Depor was always against the tide.

3- Late changes: Perhaps the system was a good choice from Natxo González, but where he failed was in the changes, because he lasted too much in switching the system. At half-time he decided to replace Álex with Krohn-Dehli, the idea was to have more balance, but what Depor needed at the time was the spark of Cartabia and Carles Gil, and they entered late in the second part, Gil when the score was already 2-0

4- Scoreless for the third time: This is only the third time on the season with Depor ended scoreless, curiously it’s the second time within the last four games (0-0 at Rayo Majadahonda). It has been a month in which Depor have missed Carlos Fernández, his absence has coincided with a low period for Quique González.

5- Ending the streak: The second defeat on the season ends the streak with Depor spending 13 games adding points. It’ now the best streak on this century and the sixth best in the history of the club.



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