Player of the year award became an official peña of Real Club Deportivo La Coruña during the year 2003. Since then, the peña members elect each season the best player at the Galician squad. The criteria used for the election is based in the performance of each player in every official match. More precisely, each peña member has the right to value the performance of the players using a numerical scale, in this way Deportivo's players accumulate points and the winner is the man with more points at the end of the regular season. Since the season 2006/2007, the peña also elects the best new incorporation and the best U-23 player performing with the first squad.

So far, ten elections have been made by the peña members and the winners were:  


Player of the season 2013/2014: Juan Dominguez    

Player of the season 2012/2013: Juan Carlos Valerón    

Player of the season 2011/2012: Andrés Guardado 

Player of the season 2010/2011: Diego Colotto

Player of the season 2009/2010: Dani Aranzubia

Player of the season 2008/2009: Dani Aranzubia

Player of the season 2007/2008: Julian de Guzman

Player of the season 2006/2007: Dudu Aouate


Player of the season 2005/2006: Pedro Munitis

Player of the season 2004/2005: Pedro Munitis




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