Player of the year - season 2005/2006


May 27th, 2006. peña members elected Pedro Munitis for the second consecutive time as the best player of the season 2005/06. The procedure used was simple: Each peña member awarded the three best players of Depor in every season match with the options of 5, 3 or 1 point according to their performance. The numbers were added week by week and at the end of the campaign, the Cantabrian player accumulated a total of 791 points

Munitis has won the confidence and support of the fans since the previous season, but his beginning in the club wasn't brilliant. During the 2003/04 campaign he spent more time on the bench than on the grass, a big part of this situation was caused by the presence of Albert Luque as Irureta's preferred choice on the left wing.

But the Cantabrian winger never gave up and he decided that the best thing to do was to double his efforts. During the beginning of the season 2004/05 it was possible to see him working twice as hard during training sessions. Munitis' effort found a reward because Irureta gave him more choices at that time. He played 36 of the 38 liga matches and became an important reference in the attack of Deportivo.

The start was also promising for the 2005/06 campaign. Munitis participated in 7 of the 8 games in the Intertoto cup and proved to be an important choice for the new coach Joaquí­n Caparrós. His velocity and will were always his best characteristics, a fact that was clearly demonstrated with the victory goal that he scored against Newcastle at Saint James Park. A goal that sealed the qualification to the final.

In la liga Munitis also proved to be an important piece in Caparrós' attacking zone, especially at the beginning of the tournament. Without doubt his best moment occurred in the home match against Barcelona. The explosive combination between Ronaldinho and Eto'o had Depor against the ropes, but Munits was there and he lead the reaction of the Galicians scoring a magnificent goal when the hopes seemed to be vanishing.

Later the performance of Munitis started to be inconsistent, he seemed to be tired and without ideas to generate opportunities to score. Something that the same player admitted at the end of the campaign: "I wasn't able to perform on the pitch as I usually like. The season was just a little long for me". More than an excuse it was a perfect symbol of the problems that the team suffered all throughout the tournament.

But the Cantabrian winger continued to be one of Caparrós' preferred choices. He played 33 of the 38 liga matches and completed a solid work with his six assists (the best mark in the squad) and also scoring a new goal against Zaragoza, this time it was in a free-kick, another of his specialities. The most sad moment for him occurred in the visit to Valencia, he did a good job then, but referee Iturralde González sent him off because he touched the ball with the hand.

The contribution of Munitis in copa del rey was also important, he played completely the six matches in the tournament, he scored the first goal against Osasuna and also gave an assistance to Valerón during the same match.

Munitis knows that the club didn't fulfil the main objective for the season -achieving a place in a European competition- as he said during an interview, "I think that in a general sense it wasn't a bad season for us, although we couldn't achieve our goals, maybe for that reason the work done has a bittersweet taste." However he was keeping his optimistic view of the situation, "I hope that we can improve and that we will be able to achieve those objectives in the new season."

The following is the season's overall table according to the votes made by peña members:
1st. Munitis: 791pts
2nd. Molina: 541pts
3rd. Valerón: 369pts
4th. Juanma: 350pts
5th. Duscher: 306pts
6th. Ruben: 276pts
7th. Tristán: 237pts
8th. De Guzman: 205pts
9th. Sergio: 202pts
10th. Andrade: 192pts
11th. Capdevilla: 161pts
12th. Coloccini: 139pts
13th. Iago: 124pts
14th. Victor: 113pts
15th. Manuel Pablo: 98pts
16th. Arizmendi: 74pts
17th. Iván Carril: 68pts
18th. Scaloni: 63pts
19th. Héctor: 44pts
20th. Xisco: 31pts
21st. Taborda: 28pts
22nd. Gallardo: 24pts
23rd. Romero: 15pts
24th. Acuña: 12 pts
25th. Momo. 4pts
26th. Senel: 3 pts