Fans - Africa

1. KUDAKWASHE KANHUTU -- Harare, Zimbabwe

Deportivo la Coruna excites me, the team is my whole philosophy and outlook on life .To come from such a humble background and yet succeed highly through hard work and brilliance of organization, is to me the perfect ideal in life. To succeed as Depor has without paying ridiculous amounts for the FIFA world footballer of the year and three of his predecessors is the icing on the cake for me and thats why i loved every bit of the 2002 Copa del Rey final-where Juan Carlos Valeron made Zidane and Figo look like pot bellied sunday league footballers.

The mentality of Deportivo la Coruna is very much in tune with mine and then of course there is the free flowing football in the middle of the park and the exciting brilliance of our forwards guaranteed to make opposition fans weep. This is a perfect working unit and its not through luck or the privilege of being a team in a large city but through vision and commitment.

My only disappointment is the current exile of Djalminha because if we were to rank creative midfielders first would be Valeron and second.....second would be too close to call between Djalminha and Zidane.

2. NEWALA SILAS -- Windheok, Namibia

Hi, fellow Depo..Fan. I am a die hard fan of Depo too, here in Namibia, even though We don't get a live coverage of La Liga, I do watch them at on Champions League and also Highlights. They play the type of football I support, their game is always flowing from the their defence through midfield to strikers.

I also like them because of their quality players such as Fran, Tristan, Valeron, Makaay, Victor, Mauro Silva and Naybet. The other reason why I am die hard fan of Depo is beacuse they always rise to occasions such as against the so-called big teams, particularly against, Valencia, Real Madrid, Man.utd and Bayern Munchen.

3. MOLAJO OLUWASEUN SOLA -- Lagos State, Nigeria

Hi, Depor is a club that I love with all my heart. They are just surperb in every way they play the ball.There are special in the sense that..The whole aims of the club may be small,there may not have that financial statutes like the other big clubs but there all always mention among these clubs because of the the first class game the posses.The have the a SPECIAL way they play their soccer...either it best of Spanish/Ducth or Deportivo's way. They are just good with the ball.There tactics,passes,accurate balls and the most,there ways there are united in there playing style which is unbeatable to the other opponent and the way the always grab their victory, it's just SURPERB as I say.

Morever, I wish that, one of the favourite player in my country may sign a deal with the club so the others football lover can love the football club as they love club like ..ARSENAL,BOLTON,EVERTON,MAN-UTD,REAL e.t.c.

However,I hope that the club will win the LIGA,AND OTHER TITLE neccessary in the europe field one of this days.In a short run,deportivo...IS THE BEST, WHICH IS UNDISCOVERED FOR NOW, BUT,WITH TIME ,THE WHOLE WORLD WILL SEE THAT IT'S THE BEST ABOVE THE REST