Fans - Australia

1. BSD LOVER -- Australia

Being in Australia where soccer is probably the 5th most popular sport ( after Cricket , Rugby Union, Rugby League , AFL) we only get "some" free to air coverage in a channel called "SBS". ESPN gives better coverage but it needs to be paid for.

Team like Depor is such good money. Everyone's heard of Real Madrid and Barcelona but Depor never gets any mention. The reason I like Depor is that I always like the underrated underdog, which Depor almost always is.

I love their short passing game. Normally they have pretty good general game strategies as well. Even when they lose they don't give in without a fight.

Go Depor !!!

 2. ANTON -- Sydney, Australia

It is very hard being a Depor fan in Australia, because it is impossible to get live La Liga matches, even pay TV only shows replays. i have pay TV just for Champions League matches so i can see depor live, at least sometimes.

So as a fan of Depor and Football in spain i have to settle for replays, it is very difficult. It is also dificult because no one has even heard of Depor here, i have not met a single person who knows them in Australia, because of this it is hard to get any merchandise, i have to order it all in from overseas. it is hard loving Football in my Country because football isn't shown on TV, but it is popular, it is the most played sport in australia, but it is not shown on tv because no one invests any money into it, but if we make a world cup that will change, if anyone doesn't believe we deserve a direct place e mail me at and i will explain why it is crucial for football in this country to get one. So everyone overseas (especially in Europe) count yourselves lucky!

I became a Depor fan when i saw Pauleta play for us, i think that was 98/99 season... I liked Pauleta very much and when i saw him play with depor, i could not stop watching them, it was like an addiction, i loved the way Depor play - and of course still do. My favourite depor match was in 2001 Champions League when we beat Paris Saint Germain, and we came from 3-0 behind to win 4-3 - my favourite match... Pandiani and Tristan scored the goals - Unbelievable!!

3. CABBAGE -- Sydney, Australia

I started to support depor around 3-4 years ago. Mainly due to the fact that all my cousins supported Real Madrid and i like to be different. When i found that depor were such a good club but yet still a side not full of stars i started to support them. Here in Australia it is difficult to keep in touch with soccer as it is not televised very often especially La Liga, They seem to play English soccer sometimes but even that is usually pay TV. And mainly the only time we get to see Deportivo play here is in Champions league and even then only some of the games on ESPN which sucks becuase they always do so well in La Liga. The only way to stay in touch with depor is mainly via this website as my Spanish is not that good when trying to read it so i cant really go to the official spanish website. VIVA DEPORTIVO. Hope we win something this year without any new signings.