Fans - North America

1. MIGUEL -- Newark, USA

In the area of the United States where I live Deportivo is the most loved team by the Spanish. We have Peņas and places where we can watch their games and enjoy our victories.

2. SUGARY TEA -- Canada

I live in Canada, where people care more about hockey and football (Canadian football, not soccer). The few people that pay attention to soccer have only ever heard of Manchester United and David Beckham. It's a bandwagon thing I guess. I've never met anyone else who's ever heard of another team, except for a few immigrants!

I first started paying attention to Depor when Rivaldo joined (96-97 I think). At that time I watched a lot of La Liga because of my dad. There were so many players that came and went but I really think that right now we have one of the best squads ever. Valeron, Tristan and Naybet are my favourite players. (So was Djalminha :( ) I really like other La Liga teams, too, but Deportivo are different to me, they seem to work with a real team ethos, a collective effort instead of 'superstars.' Now that we're out of Europe, maybe we can conquer La Liga.

3. ALI YUMUSAK -- Markham, Canada

I use to like Real Madrid when they signed Figo but I began not liking them because they had all the amazing footballers. One day I was watching a champions league game between Deportivo La Coruna against AC Milan. I was amazed by the way Deportivo played. Roy Makaay and Tristan amazed me. They also beat AC Milan.

So the next day i go to school and i told a friend of mine that Real Madrid no longer exists to be the top team for me and I proudly said Deportivo La Coruna. This guy who said "Ewww they suck." This guy loved Juventus. So when the Juventus, Basel, Man U and Deportivo La Coruna were in the same group in the champions league in the next round me and him had arguments. When Juventus played Deportivo and tied 2-2 He knew that Deportivo was amazing but didn't say it. But when Deportivo lost to them in there second meeting I was so sad. I know Deportivo go through the quarter-finals in the champions league next year. If the game between Deportivo and Real were broadcasted on the sports channels here I would record it.

But I have to watch the italia serie a games since they show every weekends just like the english premiere league. If there was only a channel all about soccer and showed the most favourite matches and favourite teams playing. For now i can only watch the highlights of the games.

Y digo Deportivo, vamos a ganar este partidoY digo de Primera el Deportivo es directivoVivo- Vivo- Vivo I love this theme song its the best


Deportivo la coruna has been my favourite team since the double win against Manchester United during the champions league in 2001 and that was the first time i heard of them and even see them play on TV and they have a special type of play that i think no team can cope with,and even me as a soccer player would like to incoperate.

My number one player for me at depor is diego Tristan and the most enthusiastic player is pandiani who always come in the game with full vigor and makes positive changes in the game,and another player too is Luque who is very resourceful and have special skills that makaay himself cannot even close to.I was even happy that makaay is gone to enable other players to show us what they got like pandiani and luque.I hope he progresses but he should always remember that depor took him where he is today and even without him i know that we will do this up coming season.

I hope depor wins the champions league and become the best club in the world and be well known.And i sure wish to play for depor one day.Best wishes to all depor players and especially the coach and my favourite player Tristan and i know that he will do well in the next world if they qualify.

First of all i don't like real madrid,Man United and most of all bayern munich.We don't have stars in our squad but we are better than all of them and i know for a fact that we will win the champions league some day.forza Depor.bye to all depor fans and mail me if you wanna chat.And i love depor so much and i always will.