23/Jun/2018: 17h07: Juvenil A: Mujaid didn't play in the 4-1 win of U-17 Spain over U-17 Argelia (Mediterranean Games).

23/Jun/2018: 13h40: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reported that Guilherme (Al Jazira), Sidnei (Al-Wahda) and Albentosa (Fenerbahçe or Sivasspor) could be the next exits at Deportivo.

22/Jun/2018: 21h52: World Cup:  Fabian Schär played the full 90 minutes in the 2-1 win of Switzerland over Serbia.

22/Jun/2018: 18h55:World Cup: Francis played the full 90 minutes in the 2-0 win of Nigeria over Iceland.

22/Jun/2018: 15h54:World Cup: Celso Borges played the full 90 minutes in the 0-2 loss of Costa Rica against Brazil.

22/Jun/2018: 13h18: Market news: AS and Deporte Campeón reported that Cartabia is convinced about leaving Depor as he has important offers from other leagues, one of them is from AEK Athens.

21/Jun/2018: 18h26: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported that Róber has decided to play at Levante UD for next season. He would complete his third year loaned there. Depor had offered him a 4-year renewal and to comeback to Depor for this season.

21/Jun/2018: 18h11: Depor Ladies: The club confirmed that attacker Nuria Rábano and defender Miriam Ríos have signed contract extensions of one year.

21/Jun/2018: 15h50: World Cup: Krohn-Dehli didn't play in the 1-1 draw of Denmark against Australia and remains without minutes in the tournament. 

21/Jun/2018: 13h04: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reported that Depor are about to close the signing of striker Christian Santos (30 Deportivo Alavés)

20/Jun/2018: 19h02: Deportivo: Tino Fernández confirmed that Joan Capdevila has been offered the job of director for sporting relationships, who will be the figure between the first team and the club.

20/Jun/2018: 17h17: Deportivo: Luisinho wrote a letter saying good-bye to the fans. 

20/Jun/2018: 16h11: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reports that Fede Cartabia will go out transferred or loaned to another club. The reason is his wages, not affordable for the project. His release clause is around the €3 million. The same source claims that, as soon as his exit is confirmed, the club will announce the arrival of winger Pedro Sánchez. Today Carmelo del Pozo admitted that Depor is chasing him.

20/Jun/2018: 13h10: Deportivo: Natxo González was presented today as the new coach of Depor, “To arrive to a club with the history of Depor is a step in my evolution as a coach. I am satisfied, because I have worked hard in order to reach this point. My base is the compromise and professionality, obviously joined by results. I believe this step is the better thing for my future.” He said during the event.

19/Jun/2018: 20h25: Transfer news: President Tino Fernández confirmed today that the transfers of Çolak, Andone and Luisinho are meaning €8 million for the club.

19/Jun/2018: 18h14: Deportivo: The club announced that new coach Natxo González will be presented tomorrow (12h00 CET) 

19/Jun/2018: 17h21: Deportivo: Tino Fernández will present today his project to rule Deportivo for a second term (20h00 CET). Themain novelty is that Ramón Piña will replace Fernando Vidal. Piña is a former player of Deportivo that has been working with the academy.

19/Jun/2018: 15h40: Market news: Radio Onda Cero reported that Depor have completed the signing of right winger Pedro Sánchez. The 31-year-old has just rescinded his contract ith Granada CF

19/Jun/2018: 13h16: Deportivo: Natxo González is already in A Coruña and could be presented during the week.

18/Jun/2018: 21h11: Market news: Radio Onda Cero reported that Depor are interested in winger Pedro Sánchez, the 31-year-old just rescinded his contract with Granada CF.

18/Jun/2018: 18h53: World Cup: Ismael Díaz played the last 27 minutes in the 0-3 loss of Panama against Belgium.

18/Jun/2018: 16h21: Market news: Deporte Campeón reported that AEK Athens are interested in the loan of playmaker Fede Cartabia.

18/Jun/2018: 15h48: Market news: AS reported that  Rayo Vallecano, Deportivo, Málaga & Las Palmas are interested in striker Mamadou Koné (26, CD Leganés)

18/Jun/2018: 13h23: Deportivo: Real Zaragoza informed that Natxo González has paid his release clause. He and his assistant, Bernardo Tapia, are now free to join Depor.

17/Jun/2018: 21h55: World Cup: Fabian Schär played the full 90 minutes ib the 1-1 draw between Switzerland and Brazil.

17/Jun/2018: 19h12: Depor Ladies: The B squad conquered the Copa de Primeira División beating Valladares Femenino in the final (1-0).

17/Jun/2018: 15h54: World Cup: Borges played the full 90 minutes in the 0-1 loss of Costa Rica against Serbia.

16/Jun/2018: 22h52: World Cup: Francis played the full 90 minutes in the 0-2 loss of Nigeria facing Croatia. Not too much to do for Fabril's keeper as 2 of the 3 shots on target for Croatia ended in goals, including a penalty.

16/Jun/2018: 19h55: World Cup: Krohn-Dehli didn't play in the 1-0 win of Denmark over Peru.

16/Jun/2018: 17h07: Market news: Deportivo announced that Álex Bergantiños returns to the club for next season after his loan spell at Sporting.

16/Jun/2018: 13h04: Market news: The media in Alavá reported that Depor have an agreement with striker Christian Santos (30, Alavés). The Venezuelan is expecting to rescind his contract with Alavés.

15/Jun/2018: 19h49: Market news: Natxo González is paying the rleease clause from Real Zaragoza according to Aragonian paper El Heraldo.

15/Jun/2018: 18h12: Market news: It's official:  Sebastián Dubarbier signs for Depor. He is 32 and performs as left-back defender. It's a zero-cost transfer, he signs for a year with the option of an additional season

15/Jun/2018: 17h38: Market news: It’s official: Luisinho has been transferred to SD Huesca for an undisclosed fee.

15/Jun/2018: 14h29: Deportivo: Real Zaragoza released a statement saying that Natxo González hasn't cancelled his contract with them (he hasn’t paid the release clause) and menacing to denounce Deportivo for announcing the signing of the coach.

15/Jun/2018: 13h22: Deportivo: It's official: Natxo González is the new coach of Deportivo He is signing a one-year contract with the option of an additional seaso in case of promotion.

15/Jun/2018: 13h08: Fabril: The club announced that Tito Ramallo is the new coach of Fabril. Manuel Pablo will be his assistant.

14/Jun/2018: 18h40: Deportivo:  AS reported that Carmelo Del Pozo want Krohn-Dehli and Eneko Bóveda to continue at Depor. Both were signed during the winter window.

14/Jun/2018: 17h36: Market news: Newspaper Diario de Córdoba reported that Depor are interested in midfielder Edu Ramos (26, Córdoba CF) 

14/Jun/2018: 16h28: Fabril: Radio Cadena Ser reported that Tito Ramallo could be returning in order to coach Fabril. 

14/Jun/2018: 15h39: Deportivo: Radio Onda Cero reported that Manu Sotelo, the keepers' trainer, won't continue on next season.

14/Jun/2018: 13h22: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reported that Deportivo are negotiating with Joan Capdevila, the idea is that the ex-defender can be part of the club's staff as team manager.

13/Jun/2018: 19h09: Market news: Carmelo Del Pozo told to Riazor,org that there are no offers for Juanfran, but that he expects to have those offers in the coming weeks.

13/Jun/2018: 17h16: Market news: Carmelo Del Pozo told to Radio Galega that Luisinho has several offers to leave the club.

13/Jun/2018: 15h41: Fabril: Deporte Campeón reported that Óscar Gilsanz is now the main candidate to be the next Fabril's coach. He directed Racing Vilalbés this season (3rd place at Tercera).

13/Jun/2018: 13h10: Deportivo: AS reported that Borja Valle will sign a 3-year renewal. 

12/Jun/2018: 20h24: Depor Ladies: Nuria Rábano is in the final roster of U-20 Spain for the World Cup to be played in August in France.

12/Jun/2018: 17h44: Market news: Deporte Campeón reported that Depor are interested in the signing of winger Josep Señé (26, Cultural Leonesa).

12/Jun/2018: 15h52: Market news: Marca reported that several MLS clubs are interested in Celso Borges.  

12/Jun/2018: 13h04: Fabril: The club announced the first two signings for the season 2018/19: centre midfielder Diego Villares (22, Racing Villalbés) & right winger Víctor García (21, Torre Levante)

11/Jun/2018: 22h40: International: Celso Borges played 75 minutes in the 1-4 loss of Costa Rica facing Belgium (friendly).

11/Jun/2018: 18h03: Market news: Carmelo Del Pozo told to Radio Cadena Ser that striker Diego Rolán is signed by Depor, though he could end leaving "If he doesn't want to be at Depor for been at Segunda, then he could leave a economic benefit. If not, he will be a luxury reinforcement." He said.

11/Jun/2018: 15h51: Deportivo: The club presented today the design for the first kit 2018/19.

11/Jun/2018: 13h39: Deportivo: Natxo González announced today his exit from Real Zaragoza. He is paying around €100,000 in order to be released. According to La Voz de Galicia, he wll sign a one-year contract with Depor with one year optional in case of conquering the promotion.

10/Jun/2018: 18h44: Youth teams: Results during the weekend:
Victoria CF B 1 - Depor Ladies B 4 | Goals: Sara Piñeiro, Lidia, Michelle Romero & Alba Suárez

10/Jun/2018: 15h05: Deportivo: Carmelo Del Pozo confirmed in an interview at La Opinión A Coruña that Ernesto Bello won't continue as the technical secretary of Deportivo.

09/Jun/2018: 20h18: Deportivo: Real Zaragoza have been eliminated in the Segunda playoffs by CD Numancia (agg. 1-2). Coach Natxo González might be announced in the coming days as the new Depor's boss.

09/Jun/2018: 19h41: Deportivo: The club announced this afternoon the prices for the season ticket holders 2018/19. The prices are almost the same of the season 2011/12. The club also announced the creation of the section Xuntanza, which is for companies that want to send employees or clients for the games.

09/Jun/2018: 17h35: Market news: Radio Galega reported that Apollon Limassol are interested in the loan of Luisinho, but the player wants to stay at Deportivo.

09/Jun/2018: 13h28: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reported that  Grasshopper SZ is interested in the signing of Saúl García.

08/Jun/2018: 21h50: International: Fabian Schär played the full 90 minutes in the 2-0 win of Switzerland against Japan (friendly)

08/Jun/2018: 20h55: Deportivo: The agent of Borja Valle,  Rodrigo Fernández Lovelle, told to Radio Marca that he will have a meeting with the club on next week. It's expected that they will negotiate a new contract.

08/Jun/2018: 18h09: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera Auonómica Femenina: Victoria B Vs. Depor Ladies B (Saturday, 20h00 CET)

08/Jun/2018: 15h38: Fabril: Albert Gil confirmed yesterday that striker Uxio Dapena will continue playing for Fabril.

08/Jun/2018: 13h15: Deportivo: The club has fixed an extraordinary shareholders meeting for July 11/12. The points in the agenda is to elect the new board of directors and fix the number of components that the board must have.

07/Jun/2018: 22h52: International: Celso Borges played the full 90 minutes in the 0-2 loss of Costa Rica visiting England at Ellan Road (friendly)

07/Jun/2018: 18h10: Fabril: The agent of Óscar García, Brais Lorenzo, told to that the winger, probably, won't continue on next season as the club doesn't want to give him a spot at the first team.

07/Jun/2018: 15h53: Market news: The chief of the academy, Albert Gil, told to Radio Cadena Ser that the decision of fulfilling or not the buyout option over Ismael Díaz will depend on his performance during the World Cup.

07/Jun/2018: 13h25: Deportivo: The agent of Albentosa, Marcelino Elena, told to La Opinión A Coruña that the defender has the option in his contract to go out loaned, but that he will probably stay at Depor, "Raúl has his senses in A Coruña. By contract he has the option to leave, but for now there's nothing in order to leave. He is calm and only thinking of Depor." He said.

06/Jun/2018: 20h54: International: Ismael Díaz played the last 32 minutes in 0-1 loss of Panama at Norway (friendly). He was close to score the tie at minute 72. 

06/Jun/2018: 17h02: International: Francis played the full 90 minutes in the last friendly of the Super Eagles before the World Cup (0-1 Vs. Czech Republic).

06/Jun/2018: 16h10: Fabril: Albert Gil, the chief of Depor's academy, confirmed at Radio Galega that Julián Calero won't train Fabril on next season as he preferred the offer from AD Alcorcón.

06/Jun/2018: 13h06: Deportivo: The club reported today that it closed the campaign 2017/18 with  27.358 season ticket holders.

05/Jun/2018: 20h45: Deportivo: Mujaid Sadick has been picked by U-18 Spain for the 18th edition of the Mediterranean Games.

05/Jun/2018: 18h26: Market news: Radio Cadena Cope reported that Depor are interested in two players from CD Lugo: striker Mario Barco (25) and playmaker Fede Vico (23)

05/Jun/2018: 15h49: Market news: Deporte Campeón reported that Depor are interested in centre midfielder Rubén Alcaraz (27, Girona FC)

05/Jun/2018: 13h05: Depor Ladies: The first signing for the season 2018/19 is left-back/left winger Érika Sâmia Lima (22, Real Oviedo)

04/Jun/2018: 18h03: Market news: Onda Cero reported that Juanfran has an offer from Turkish club Aytemiz Alanyaspor, but the offer is only for a loan spell.

04/Jun/2018: 16h15: Deportivo: AS reports that the club will announce on this week the socios campaign 2018/19

04/Jun/2018: 13h12: Market news: Sportpaper Deporte Campeón reported that Depor are open to sell Juanfran, Sidnei, Schär and Guilherme during the summer.

03/Jun/2018: 22h49: International: Schär played the first half in the 1-1 draw between Spain and Switzerland (friendly)

03/Jun/2018: 21h50: International: Borges played 63 minutes in the 3-0 win of Costa Rica over Northern Ireland (friendly)

03/Jun/2018: 19h31: International: Michael Krohn-Dehli is in the final list of Denmark for the World Cup.

03/Jun/2018: 19h01: Youth teams: Results during the weekend:
Depor Ladies B 4 - Victoria CF B 0 | Goals: Vero (2), Michelle Romero & Sara Piñeiro
Victoria C - Depor Benjamin B (game moved to Tuesday)

03/Jun/2018: 17h29: Depor Ladies: Captain Estefi won't continue with the team. The striker announced today that she won't renew her contract. Estefi scored 27 goals in 23 official games during the season that just ended.

03/Jun/2018: 15h34: International: Francis is in the final 23-men list of Nigeria for the World Cup.

03/Jun/2018: 14h39: Alevin A: The team was eliminated by FC Barcelona in the semifinals of La Liga Promises. 1-1 and 3-4 in the penalty shootout.

02/Jun/2018: 20h20: International: Francis played the full 90 minutes in the 1-2 loss of Nigeria at Wembley facing England (friendly). He made two saves, but failed in the second goal against a low shot from Harry Kane.

02/Jun/2018: 18h44: Alevín A: The team qualified for the semifinals in La Liga Promises after beating Valencia CF in the penalty shoutout (4-3)

02/Jun/2018: 17h39: International: Fede Valverde has been left out of Uruguay's final list for the World Cup.

02/Jun/2018: 14h48: Alevin A: The team qualified for the quarterfinals in La Liga Promises. In the first round they beat Sevilla, Celta and Real Sociedad, only losing against Barcelona. In the knockout stage they beat Betis.

01/Jun/2018: 21h59: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera Auonómica Femenina: Depor Ladies B Vs. Victoria CF B (Sunday, 16h00 CET)
Segunda Comarcal A Coruña, matchday 30: Victoria C Vs. Depor Benjamin B (Saturday, 12h00 CET)

01/Jun/2018: 19h43: Market news: The club officially announces the exit of Emre Çolak. The Turkish playmaker will be transferred to Al-Wahda FC in an operation between €1 million and €1.5 million.

01/Jun/2018: 18h41: Deportivo: Natxo González said this morning that he hasn't signed any contract with Deportivo, but admitted that he has offers. "When the season ends we will make the decisions that we have to make." He said.

01/Jun/2018: 16h28: Market news: Radio Galega reported that Depor are interested in the signing of centre midfielder Iñigo Ruiz de Galarreta (24, Barcelona B)

01/Jun/2018: 13h14: Market news: Emre Çolak has signed for Al-Wahda FC (3-year-contract). Deportivo haven't announced yet the operation but it could report one million Euros to the club.

31/May/2018: 18h03: Fabril: Radio Cadena Ser reports that Julián Calero is now the main candidate to be the next coach of Fabril. The 47-year-old was the coach of CD Navalcarnero on the Segunda B season that ended three weeks ago (6th place a the standings).

31/May/2018: 16h14: Deportivo: The renovations at the Riazor (roof, floodlights and others) will be concluded in October. Radio Cadena Ser reported that the club has requested to start the league season on the road, so it won't affect any home meeting in the new campaign.

31/May/2018: 13h02: Market news: Other sources like La Voz de Galicia are confirming that Natxo González will be the new coach of Deportivo. Any official announcement will be made in at least three weeks as Zaragoza will play the playoff to Primera.

31/May/2018: 00h29: Market news: Radio Cadena Cope reported on Wednesday night that Natxo González Sáenz is the main candidate to coach Depor on next season. The 51-year-old man is currently figthing to put Real Zaragoza into the playoff to Primera.

30/May/2018: 20h16: Fabril: Striker Ismael Díaz is in the final 23-men list of Panamá for the World Cup 2018.

30/May/2018: 17h22: Deportivo: Albert Gil, the chief of Depor’s academy, confirmed at Radio Marca that the first signing of Fabril for the season 2018/19 is midfielder Diego Villares Yáñez (21, Racing Vilalbés). Gil also said that the new coach of Fabril should be named in one or two weeks,  that Óscar García could sign a contract renewal,  and that the club hasn’t decided yet about fulfilling the buyout option over Ismael Díaz.

30/May/2018: 15h41: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reported that the club is eager to increase the contract of Borja Valle. The striker ends his link with Deportivo in July of 2019.

30/May/2018: 12h30: International: Ismael Díaz played the last 30 minutes in the 0-0 draw between Panama and Northern Ireland (friendly) 

29/May/2018: 20h33: Deportivo: The club informs that the petition for an extraordinary meeting presented by Miguel Otero and that was searching to fire the board of directors, has been revoked.  Lawyer Óscar Rama explained in his report that there were several inaccuracies in the petition, including double signings and petitions signed by persons that aren’t shareholders. Still, the club informs that, “attending to the interests of the club”, the board of directors has agreed to make elections in a date to be determined (probably at the end of July)

29/May/2018: 19h08: Depor Ladies: Malena Mieres, Tere Abelleira and Nuria Rábano are in the 35 women preliminary list of U-20 Spain for the World Cup to be played in England.

29/May/2018: 17h06: Deportivo: The club informed that the pre-season will start on July 9. The medicals will take place that day, two days later the players will start to train.