24/Jun/2017: 19h42: Infantil A: The team won the Galician league defeating Celta in the final (3-1). The goals were scored by Axel Lim, Chucas & Hugo Novoa.

24/Jun/2017: 18h10: Market news: La Voz de Galicia revealed that the €3.2 million offer for Pablo Insua is for a percentage of the players' rights. Depor would need to negotiate the percentage that will keep and a possible option to recover the defender.

24/Jun/2017: 14h03: Market news: The possible arrival of keeper David Soria is conditioned by the final decision of Sevilla's new coach Eduardo Berizzo. Paper Estadio Deportivo reported that the Argentine wants to see the goalie during the pre-season before deciding on his future.

23/Jun/2017: 18h18: Deportivo: The club reported that Deportienda sold €2 million on merchandise for the season 2016/17, it's the double of the previous record (€980,000, 2011/12).  

23/Jun/2017: 17h20: Deportivo: La Opinión A Coruña reported that the coaching staff are thinking of reconverting Borja Valle into a right-back. The source claims the player has been informed that he will be tested in that position during the pre-season.

23/Jun/2017: 15h29: Market news: AS reported that, next week, Depor and Levante could close the loan of Róber. The Valencians want to include a buyout option of two million Euros, while Depor want an option of three million plus to include an option to recover the player in future seasons. But the operation can fell apart if Insua leaves.

23/Jun/2017: 13h24: Market news: Sky Sports in Germany are reporting that  FC Schalke 04 are open to pay €3.2 million for Pablo Insua. Meanwhile, Radio Cadena Ser reported that the player wants to leave and that also has offers from Turkey and CD Leganés.

22/Jun/2017: 20h52: Deportivo: It’s official: Federico Valverde signs for Deportivo. The midfielder arrives from Real Madrid on a one-season loan deal.

22/Jun/2017: 18h40: Market news: Deporte Campeón reported the interest in winger Mehdi Carcela (27, Granada CF). The cost of the operation is around 2.5 million Euros and there are other lcubs interested in the player.

22/Jun/2017: 16h26: Market news: Marca insists that there are ongoing negotiatings for Sevilla's goalkeeper David Soria.

22/Jun/2017: 15h39: Depor Ladies: The fourth signing of the season is centre midfielder Iris Arnaiz Gil. He is 23 and arrives from Oviedo Moderno.

22/Jun/2017: 13h48: Market news: According to La Voz de Galicia, Aston Villa are not interested in negotiating with Depor for Carles Gil.

21/Jun/2017: 18h11: Fabril: La Voz de Galicia reported that ex-Fabril Jorge Romay has an offer from Deportivo in order to return to the B team.

21/Jun/2017: 15h45: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported that the agents of Sidnei are searching a new club for the defender. The target is a English or a Chinese club. The source claims that Depor will only allow his exit after receiving a good offer. He ends his contract in 2020 with a release clause around the €25 million.

21/Jun/2017: 14h07: Depor Ladies: The club announced third reinforcement for next season: left-back Patricia Díaz Rúa. She is 19 and is coming from Sárdoma CF

21/Jun/2017: 13h16: Market news: The media in The Netherlands is reporting that SL Benfica are requesting three million Euros for Ola John. According to AS, Depor will only accept the return of the winger in a new loan deal.

20/Jun/2017: 21h06: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reports that the deal with Real Madrid for Fede Valverde is done. No words yet in the terms of the loan.

20/Jun/2017: 17h19: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser understands that the arrival of Fede Valverde would mean an exit at Depor as there are already five players for the position of centre midfielder. The main candidate to leave is Fajr. 

20/Jun/2017: 15h32: Market news: Diario de Cádiz reported that, last week, Pepe Mel watched the game Cádiz-Tenerife as he was following the performance of winger Álvaro García (24) and centre-back Aridane Hernández (28).

20/Jun/2017: 13h08: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reported that the loan of Fede Valverde would be for two seasons.

20/Jun/2017: 00h49: Market news: Real Madrid's boss, Florentino Pérez, confirmed at Radio Onda Cero that there are ongoing negotiations with Depor for Fede Valverde.

19/Jun/2017: 18h55: Market news: Marca reported that Depor and Real Madrid are about to close the loan of midfielder Fede Valverde (18).

19/Jun/2017: 17h32: Deportivo: Radio Cadena Ser reported that the agent of Emre Çolak is offering the player to several clubs. His release clause is 20 million Euros.

19/Jun/2017: 15h40: Depor Ladies B: The team was eliminated in Copa Primera División. On Sunday it only managed to draw 0-0 before Victoria (agg. 0-3).

19/Jun/2017: 13h14: Market news: The media in the Basque Country reports that Depor are interested in right-back Joseba Zaldua (24. Real Sociedad)

18/Jun/2017: 19h02: Market news: The media in Valencia reports that UD Levante are pushing to get a new loan of Róber that would include a buyout option.

18/Jun/2017: 16h40: Market news: According to Marca, Sevilla CF want German Lux. The keeper ends his contract with Depor at the end of the month. 

18/Jun/2017: 14h33: Market news: Marca reported that there are ongoing negotiations with Aston Villa for a new loan of Carles Gil.

17/Jun/2017: 19h56: Market news: AS is reporting the interest of Sevilla and Valencia in Çolak, apparently there was an offer for six million euros. 

17/Jun/2017: 18h20: Market news: Almeria's right-back Ximo Navarro, who was linked with Depor, has signed for UD Las Palmas.  

17/Jun/2017: 15h02: Alevin A: The team was eliminated by Malaga in La Liga promises tournament (0-5). 

17/Jun/2017: 13h05: Deportivo: The club confirmed a pre-season stage in Vilalba between August 7 and 11. The team will be concentrated at hotel Attica 21 one week before the league season begins. 

16/Jun/2017: 21h18: Alevin A: The team qualified for the knockout stage in La Liga Promises tournament.
Atlético 1 - Depor 0
Depor 2 - Las Palmas 0
Depor 3 - Sevilla 0
Depor 4 - Eibar 1

16/Jun/2017: 21h16: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera División, semifinals, second-leg: Depor Ladies B Vs. Victoria (Sunday, 18h00 CET)
Copa Galicia, quarterfinals, second-leg: Depor Infanti A Vs. Coruxo (Thursday, 20h00 CET)

16/Jun/2017: 18h21: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reported that the first team will probably spent a week in Vilalba. The concentration will take place one week before the start of la liga.

16/Jun/2017: 17h16: Market news: Lucas' agent, Fernández Lobelle, talking to Radio Galega, “The key date is 3 July when Arsenal’s pre-season begins. Anything is possible; the president of Deportivo can do wonders while last year I met with Sevilla, who again are interested.”

16/Jun/2017: 16h31: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reported that Uruguayan midfielder Fede Valverde is a priority for the club. He played for Real Madrid Castilla and would come loaned.

16/Jun/2017: 15h40: Deportivo: The club informed that Fabril's midfielder Edu Expósito and Juvenil A keeper Francis Uzoho will make the pre-season with the first team.

16/Jun/2017: 13h07: Market news: Radio Onda Cero reported that Deportivo already have an agremeent with midfielder Sergio Tejera (27, Gimnástic). Tejera, who was linked with Depor in the past, ended the season with six goals plus five assists at Liga 123.

15/Jun/2017: 21h53: Market news: Tino Fernández said today that the club could be announcing a new signing on next week. 

15/Jun/2017: 19h32: Deportivo: It's official: The club has paid the buyout option over Guilherme and the Brazilian pens a 4-year-deal with Depor.

15/Jun/2017: 17h14: Deportivo: The club is about to reach an agreement with Tercera club Laracha CF. This Tercera club will now act as "Deportivo C". They will be training at Abegondo and some lads from the academy will be playing there on loan. Deporte Campeón reported that Adrián Castro, Aarón Sánchez & Iago Novo were offered to play there on next season. 

15/Jun/2017: 15h52: Deportivo: Fajr told to Radio Cadena Cope that he is open to leave the club as he wants to play.  

15/Jun/2017: 13h29: Deportivo: The club informed that the international players that had action within the last two weeks (Borges, Fayçal Fajr, Andone & Çolak) will join the pre-season on July 12.

14/Jun/2017: 21h38: Deportivo: Turkish paper Fotomaç reported that Galatasaray offered a 3-year contract to Juanfran with a salary of €1.2 million. The source claims that the player accepted and that sporting director Cenk Ergün is negotiating with Depor, their offer is €5 million + bonuses.

14/Jun/2017: 19h50: Deportivo: TVG reported that Depor and Udinese reached an agreement for Guilherme. The Galicians will end paying five million euros.

14/Jun/2017: 17h21: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported that Betis were interested in Mosquera, but they aren't open to pay his clause of ten million Euros and Depor won't negotiate for the midfielder. 

14/Jun/2017: 15h42: Depor Ladies: The club announced the second signing for the new season: attacker Ainize Barea Núñez "Peke". She is 25 and is coming from Santa Teresa CD.

14/Jun/2017: 13h13: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reports the interest of Depor in Portuguese winger Matheus Pereira (21, SC Sporting)

14/Jun/2017: 05h55: International: Celso Borges played the full 90 minutes for Costa Rica in the 2-1 win over Trinidad & Tobago (World Cup qualifier). He is now on vacation.

13/Jun/2017: 21h51: International: Andone played 45 minutes in the 3-2 win of Romania over Chile (friendly)

13/Jun/2017: 18h45: Depor Ladies: Centre-back Silvia Mérida Ramírez (19) is the first signing for next season. The Andalusian played for Sporting Huelva (first division) on last season.

13/Jun/2017: 17h41: Deportivo: Radio Cadena Ser now explains that Fajr won't rescind, but will leave Depor in the summer. His agents are searching for another club.

13/Jun/2017: 16h02: Deportivo: Radio Cadena Ser is reporting that Depor and Fayçal Fajr have reached an agreement and the Moroccan will rescind his contract with the club.

13/Jun/2017: 15h36: Market news: Radio Cadena Cope reported that Depor are interested in the loan of Uruguayan midfielder Fede Valverde (18, Real Madrid Castilla).

13/Jun/2017: 13h13: Market news: Marca reported that Galatasaray are willing to pay five million Euros for Juanfran.

13/Jun/2017: 13h12: Market news: AS reported that Depor will fulfill the buyout option over Guilherme during this week.

13/Jun/2017: 12h25: Market news: La Voz de Galicia reported that Depor are in negotiations with keeper Víctor Valdés (35).

12/Jun/2017: 18h39: Market news: Catalan paper Diari Més reported that Depor are open to pay one million Euros for goalkeeper Edgar Badia (25, CF Reus).

12/Jun/2017: 17h25: Deportivo: Juan Dominguez told to Radio Cadena Ser that he hasn't talked of his future yet and that the only thing for granted is that he has one more year of contract. 

12/Jun/2017: 15h41: Market news: Marca reported that SD Eibar are interested in Albentosa and that the centre-back already told Depor that he wants to leave, but later the player denied the information on his Twitter account.

12/Jun/2017: 13h04: Market news: According to Marca three clubs are interested in Celso Borges: Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and a club from the Premier League. The source also reported that Depor will only allow his exit if a big offer arrives. 

11/Jun/2017: 22h35: International: Çolak didn't play in the 1-4 win of Turkey visiting Kosovo (World Cup qualifier). The playmaker is now on vacation.

11/Jun/2017: 18h09: Academy teams: Results during the weekend:
Victoria 3 - Depor Ladies B 0
Coruxo 0 - Depor Infantil A 7 | Goals: Dani (2), Jorge, Axel, Padín, Noel & own goal

11/Jun/2017: 16h36: Depor Ladies: Gaby debuted with the national team of Venezuela in the 0-3 loss visiting Mexico (friendly). 

10/Jun/2017: 22h40: International: Andone played the full 90 minutes in the 3-1 loss of Romania visiting Poland (World Cup 2018 qualifier). 

10/Jun/2017: 17h58: International: Far played the full 90 minutes in the 0-1 loss of Morocco visiting Cameroon (AFCON 2017 qualifier)

10/Jun/2017: 13h18: Market news: Marca reported that Feyenoord are also interested in Ola John.

09/Jun/2017: 21h14: Fabril: The team will play a friendly against Real Madrid Castilla (Riazor, August 8). It's the Manolo Martin trophy played for charity reasons.

09/Jun/2017: 17h12: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera División, semifinals, first-leg: Victoria Vs. Depor Ladies B (Sunday, 12h00 CET)
Copa Galicia, quarterfinals, first-leg: Coruxo Vs. Depor Infanti A (Saturday, 20h00 CET)

09/Jun/2017: 15h33: Deportivo: Two more friendly games announced for the pre-season: at FC Porto (July 30) and at Real Oviedo (August 03).

09/Jun/2017: 13h10: Market news: Dutch paper De Telegraaf reported that Depor have contacted centre midfielder Thulani Serero (27, Ajax). The South African player leave Ajax during the summer. The source claims that Vitesse are also interested, but Depor offer better wages.

09/Jun/2017: 05h55: International: Celso Borges played the full 90 minutes in the 0-0 of Costa Rica hosting Panama (World Cup qualifier).

08/Jun/2017: 18h19: Market news: Radio Galega reported that Depor B are interested in teh signing of striker Uxío da Pena. The 26-year-old attacker was the top scorer at Tercera during last season (27 goals)

08/Jun/2017: 16h38: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported that keeper David Soria is expecting to rescind his contract with Sevilla in the coming days and that his main offer is the one from Depor.

08/Jun/2017: 15h33: Depor Ladies: The club announced that midfielder Geremias Taboada "Gere" has signed a contract extension. Now the team has 14 players for next season.

08/Jun/2017: 13h21: Deportivo: The club confirmed today that the rival for the Teresa Herrera will be West Bromwich Albion (August 5). Depor Ladies will face Athletic. 

07/Jun/2017: 19h13: Market news: Peruvian paper El Libero understands that Depor are negotiating with Watford FC for striker Adalberto Peñaranda (20).

07/Jun/2017: 16h22: Market news: Borja Valle´s agent, Fernández Lovelle, on the situation of the striker, "He will accept to play anywhere. At Ourense, with coach Luisito, he even performed as a left-back. The good thing for him is that he is a multifunctional player. But if Depor aren't counting with him, then we won't be an obstacle to rescind the contract, because he won't miss offers."

07/Jun/2017: 13h13: Market news: La Opinión A Coruña reported that Deportivo are targeting a South American player and that for this reason it is thinking of not renewing the loan of Marlos Moreno.

06/Jun/2017: 19h22: Depor Ladies: The club informed that keeper Malena Mieres and defender María Sánchez "Miga" have signed contract extensions. The team has now 13 players for next season.

06/Jun/2017: 17h46: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported that Depor are interested in Sevilla's keeper David Soria (24) 

06/Jun/2017: 15h34: Deportivo: The club announced today eight friendly games for the pre-season, all of them against Segunda B or Tercera clubs.

06/Jun/2017: 13h23: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reports that Luisinho is about to extend his contract with Depor. His current deal ends in 2018 and the new contract will be for one more season plus an additional year in case of playing a certain number of games.

05/Jun/2017: 21h38: International: Çolak played 79 minutes in the 0-0 draw between Turkey and Macedonia (friendly).

05/Jun/2017: 20h50: Deportivo: The president of Racing Ferrol confirmed that Depor will play a friendly game against his team on July 27.

05/Jun/2017: 17h34: Deportivo: The club announced today that it has increased the sponsoring with company Hijos de Rivera and its brand Cabreiroá. This brand will continue sponsoring the training camps for next season.

05/Jun/2017: 13h22: Market news: Marca reported that Deportivo are following keepers Roberto Jiménez (31, RCD ESpanyol) and Salvatore Sirigu (30, Sevilla CF). 

04/Jun/2017: 19h12: Academy teams: Results during the weekend:
Torre 0 - Depor Ladies B 2 | Goals: Raña &A lba
Porriño 0 - Depor Juvenil B 2 | Goals: Javi Armas & Rivera
Galicia Carranza 0 - Depor Cadete A 2 | Goals: Julián & Bruno
Depor Cadete B 2 - Dumbría 0 | Goals: Docarmo
Depor Infantil A 17 - Dumbría 0 | Goals: Axel (7), Jorge (2), Mauro (2), Padín, Fika, Jairo, Noel, Nils & Dani

04/Jun/2017: 13h50: Juvenil A: The team was eliminated from Copa Del Rey after losing against Sevilla at the Riazor (0-1). Iago Gandoy missed a penalty. The aggregate score was 1-3.

03/Jun/2017: 20h45: Market news: British paper The Independent reported that Arsenal FC are only interested in selling Lucas Pérez, the fee is 15 million Euros. The Gunners will only be interested in a loan if it includes a buyout option to make the deal permanent.

03/Jun/2017: 18h19: Juvenil A: Coach Rubén Coméndez told to that he expects that the team can defeat Sevilla as its living the best moment on the season. A victory will mean the qualification for the second time to the semifinals in Copa Del Rey.

03/Jun/2017: 16h05: Fabril: Deporte Campeón reported that the club is interested in the return of Romay (CD Boiro) and also targets the signing of midfielder Kevin Presa (23, Pontevedra CF).

02/Jun/2017: 20h37: Depor Ladies: The club informed that defender Cris Martínez and striker Lia Muiño have renewed their contracts. The team has now 11 players confirmed for next season.

02/Jun/2017: 20h35: Fabril: The team will begin next pre-season on July 11.

02/Jun/2017: 18h02: Juvenil A: On Sunday, the team hosts Sevilla CF in the second-leg of the quaterfinals for Copa Del Rey (Riazor, 12h00 CET, agg. 1-2).

02/Jun/2017: 17h18: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera División, quarterfinals, second-leg: Torre Vs. Depor Ladies B (Sunday, 16h00 CET)
Liga Nacional Juvenil, matchday 32: Porriño Vs. Depor Juvenil B (Saturday, 12h00 CET)
División de Honor Cadete, matchday 33: Galicia Carranza Vs. Depor Cadete A (Friday, 18h30 CET)
Liga Galega, Grupo Norte, matchday 32: Depor Cadete B Vs. Dumbría (Saturday, 16h00 CET)
Liga Gallega Infantil, matchday 33: Depor Infantil A Vs. Dumbría (Saturday, 16h00 CET)

02/Jun/2017: 15h36: Market news: Marca reported that Depor, Celta, Eibar, Alavés, Betis and Espanyol are interested in winger Burgui (23). The Badajoz-born player belongs to Real Madrid ad played loaned at Sporting during the season that has just ended.

02/Jun/2017: 15h34: Market news: The agent of Oriol Riera, Javier Picallo, told to La Opinión A Coruña that up to six Segunda teams and four foreign clubs have asked for the striker. 

02/Jun/2017: 13h11: Deportivo: The city council of A Coruña presented today the project to fix the roof at the Riazor. The project starts in May 2018 and will end in May of 2019. The cost is €8.2 million.

02/Jun/2017: 12h56: International: Emre Çolak has been picked by Turkey for the games against Macedonia (June 5, friendly) and Kosovo (June 11, World Cup qualifier).

01/Jun/2017: 20h48: Market news: La Voz de Galicia talked with the agent of Oriol Riera and he denied any agreement with Cultural Leonesa. 

01/Jun/2017: 15h36: Market news: Diario de León reports that Oriol Riera and Segunda Club Cultural Leonesa have reached an agreement for next season. The same source claims that Depor will allow his exit. Riera played in two different stages at Cultural (2006-2007 & 2007-2008)

01/Jun/2017: 13h04: Market news: British paper The Mirror confirmed that Lucas already told Arsenal that he wants to leave. His agent, Rodrigo Lovelle, even told The Mirror that one of the main options is to go back to Depor on a loan spell.

31/May/2017: 21h32: Fabril: The club announced today the first exits from Depor B: Anxo Pérez, Manú Teixeira, Manu Molina, Álvaro Naveira & Àlex Corredera. 

31/May/2017: 21h31: International: Fajr played 89 minutes in the 1-2 defeat of Morocco hosting The Netherlands (friendly)

31/May/2017: 18h35: Depor Ladies: Nuria Rábano played 72 minutes and gave an assist in the 3-1 win of U19 Spain over U19 Belgium. Spain qualifies to the next round after winning its group in the UEFA elite round.

31/May/2017: 16h40: Fabril: Albert Gil, the coordinator of the academy, said in an interview with La Opinión A Coruña that the clubs wants the continuity of Edu Expósito, Óscar and Monsalve for next season.

31/May/2017: 13h14: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported that Lucas Pérez already told to Arsene Wenger that he wants to leave Arsenal FC. Sevilla FC are also interested.

30/May/2017: 17h09: Market news: The media in Andalusia reports that Depor are interested in striker Iván López Álvarez "Ivi". The 23-year-old attacker scored 14 goals and provided 7 assists with Sevilla Atlético (Segunda División)

30/May/2017: 13h14: Market news: Deporte Campeón reported that Aston Villa already told to Carles Gil that they don't count with him, the source also reported that the English club and Depor will soon start to negotiate for the winger.

29/May/2017: 20h32: Depor Ladies: The club informed that keeper Anita Rivera and striker Estefi Pabst have signed a new contract with Deportivo. 

29/May/2017: 16h07: Fabril: The team is on vacation. The club only informed that the trainings on next season will start in July.

29/May/2017: 16h05: Depor Ladies: Last week of trainings for the team. Three sessions on the week with the last lone taking place on Friday (Abegondo, 19h00 CET). 

29/May/2017: 12h55: Academy teams: Results during the weekend:
Depor Ladies B 0 - Torre 1
Depor Juvenil B 2 - Pontevedra 3 | Goals: Kilian & Muri
Depor Cadete A 1 - Pontevedra 1 | Goal: Poli
Santiago Compostela 1 - Depor Cadete  B 1 | Goal: Pol
Santiago Compostela 1 - Depor Infantil A 2 | Goals: Dani & Noel
Xesuitinas 1 - Depor Alevín B 8 | Goals: (Samuel (2), Luis, Adrián (2), Pablo, David, Adrián & Álvaro

28/May/2017: 13h51: Fabril: Final whistle at the Riazor: Depor B 2 - Cacereño 0 (agg. 2-0). Borja Galán scored after just 50 seconds in the second half, then Queijeiro scored the second in the added time. Fabril earned the promotion to Segunda B.

28/May/2017: 12h48: Fabril: Half-time at the Riazor: Depor B 0 - Cacereño 0 (agg. 0-0). Fabril with problems to create scoring opportunities. Borja Galán the best man for the locals.

28/May/2017: 11h33: Fabril: Lineup Vs. Cacereño: #Fabril (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo – Blas, Fornos, Monsalve, Viña -  Carlos López, Edu Expósito – Borja Galán, Manu Molina, Óscar – Jardel. 

27/May/2017: 17h15: Market news: Marca understands that Tyton won't continue at Depor for next season.

27/May/2017: 13h29: Juvenil A: The team lost against Sevilla Juvenil A with a last-minute goal in the first-leg of quarterfinals in Copa Del Rey (2-1). The second-leg will be played on next week. The goal was scored by Aarón Sánchez.

26/May/2017: 18h32: Depor Ladies: Nuria Rábano played 22 minutes in the 3-1 win of U19 Spain over U19 Russia (U19 European tournament).

26/May/2017: 17h31: Fabril: On Sunday, Deportivo B host CP Cacereño in the second-leg of the promotion playoff to Segunda B (Riazor, 12h00 CET). Aggregate score: 0-0

26/May/2017: 17h29: Juvenil A: Tomorrow, the team visits Sevilla CF in the first-leg of the quaterfinals for Copa Del Rey (Huerto de la Mariana, 10h30 CET).

26/May/2017: 15h57: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera División, quarterfinals, fist-leg: Depor Ladies B Vs. Torre (Sunday, 20h00 CET)
Liga Nacional Juvenil, matchday 31: Depor Juvenil B Vs. Pontevedra (Sunday, 12h00 CET)
División de Honor Cadete, matchday 32: Depor Cadete A Vs. Pontevedra (Sunday, 12h00 CET)
Liga Galega, Grupo Norte, matchday 31: Santiago Compostela Vs. Depor Cadete B (Saturday, 18h30 CET)
Liga Gallega Infantil, matchday 32: Santiago Compostela Vs. Depor Infantil A (Saturday, 16h30 CET)
Segunda Comarcal A Coruña, second phase, matchday 17: Xesuitinas Vs. Depor Alevín B (Sunday, 12h00 CET) 

26/May/2017: 12h16: Deportivo: Tino Fernández said today that the club will not negotiate for the exit of Andone. He also said that there are ongoing negotiations  for several players.

25/May/2017: 18h22: Depor Ladies: The club announced the renewal of three players for next season: defender Miriam Ríos, centre midfielder María Corral and striker Nuria Rábano.

25/May/2017: 16h05: Market news: Rodrigo Fernández Lovelle, the agent of Lucas, told to Radio Cadena Cope that Deportivo remain as the first option for Lucas if he leaves Arsenal FC.

25/May/2017: 13h12: Fabril: The team trained this morning at the Riazor. Coach Parralo announced that Queijeiro has small chances to play the game Vs. Cacereño, while Borja Galán is recovered from a muscle problem. 

24/May/2017: 22h10: Alevin A: The team defeated RC Celta 3-0 in the final of the Luis Calvo trophy (futbol 11).  Mella (2) and Domínguez scored the goals.

24/May/2017: 18h59: Fabril: The team will train on Thursday at the Riazor (10h30 CET) ahead of the final Vs. Cacereño.

24/May/2017: 16h03: Alevin A: The team plays today the final in futbol Once facing Celta Alevin A (As Eiroas, 18h30 CET).

24/May/2017: 13h18: Market news: Marca reported that Depor are interested in right-back Joseba Zaldua (24). He could arrive for free if he rescinds his contract at Real Sociedad.

23/May/2017: 18h13: Deportivo: Celso Borges has been picked by Costa Rica for the World Cup qualifiers against Panama (June 8) and Trinidad & Tobago (June 13)

23/May/2017: 18h11: Depor Ladies: Gaby García has bene picked by Venezuela for the friendly Vs. Mexico (June 10) 

23/May/2017: 16h15: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported the interest of Depor in Real Madrid Castila's right-back Achraf Hakimi (18). The same source claims that Laure has big options of leaving during the summer.

23/May/2017: 15h27: Market news: Portuguese paper A Bola reported that CP Sporting are interested in Andone, also that the Portuguese club is willing to pay ten million Euros for him. But his release clause is above the twenty million.

23/May/2017: 15h26: Market news: Valencian paper Super Deporte understands that Depor and UD Levante have reached an agreement for a new loan of centre-back Róber. The Valencian club will play at Primera on next season.

23/May/2017: 13h05: Juvenil A: The team will face Sevilla CF in the quarterfinals of Copa Del Rey
May 28: Sevilla Juvenil A v Depor Juvenil A
June 4: Depor Juvenil A v Sevilla Juvenil A

23/May/2017: 01h08: Market news: Deporte Campeón reporting on Tuesday's issue that Almeria's right-back Ximo Navarro (27) will be the first signing of next season (second after Cartabia)

22/May/2017: 20h49: Deportivo: Cartabia talking at Radio Galega, “I don’t feel any special responsibility for been the first signing of next year. I hope to grow up as a player at Deportivo.”

22/May/2017: 16h36: Deportivo: It's expected that president Tino Fernández will offer a press conference on Friday.

22/May/2017: 13h30: Deportivo: Andone was picked by Romania for the games against Poland (June 10, World Cup qualifier) and Chile (June 13, friendly). 

21/May/2017: 18h15: Deportivo: The first team is already on vacation. The next pre-season will start on July 05.

21/May/2017: 14h25: Juvenil A: The team passed to the next round in Copa Del Rey after eliminating CA Osasuna (agg. 3-0). The lads won on the road this noon with a goal scored by Pedro Alves (0-1).

21/May/2017: 13h49: Fabril: Final whistle at the Principe Felipe field: Cacereño 0 - Depor B 0. Good result for Fabril, Borja Galán and Borja Domingo had the best chances to score. The returning game on next weekend at the Riazor.