Player of the year - season 2012/2013

The man who needs no introduction. Juan Carlos Valerón was easily the most consistent Blanquiazul player during this season. His mere presence on the pitch was often a huge source of confidence for the rest of his teammates. It's no surprise that Depor lived its worst spell on the season when El Flaco was on the bench for several consecutive games, under Paciência’s reign. He always brought a sense of calm to the team, and his passing game was still as brilliant as ever.

The many years he spent at this club had started to take their toll, however, and unfortunately it wasn't possible to give this club icon the big send-off he so deserved. His age started to show at times, but there is no question that Valerón has once again put many smiles on the faces of Deportivo fans all over the world this season. This is an award he fully deserves.

For this reason the peña members of voted him as the best player on the season that’s ending, he picked fourteen more points than second place Abel Aguilar. Despite missing some games, it was a very complete year for him, making 33 liga appearances being the sixth player with more minutes on the season (2,271). He scored once and provided nine assists; he was the 8th player in la liga in terms of more assists.

Luis Alfonso Fernandes ‘Pizzi’ is the second foreign player that earns this award. Pizzi's dribbles, assists and goals were some of the main sources of Depor’s offensive creativity this season. Had he not been physically exhausted by the end of the season, perhaps he could have challenged Valerón for the top spot, and maybe Deportivo would have met with a very different fate. His unquestionable commitment, however, will certainly not be forgotten.

Abel Aguilar is the first American player that’s awarded by peña members as the best signing of the season, though Colotto, De Guzmán and Guardado already earned the goal as the best player in past opportunities.

The Colombian may not be the most spectacular player on the pitch, but his enormous work rate was one of the main reasons why Depor was able to fight for the permanence until the final minutes of the season. Whenever this man couldn't play, his absence was severely felt in our midfield. Alongside Marchena, perhaps the most irreplaceable element of the team.


Final table
1st Valerón 69pts
2nd Aguilar 55pts
3rd Bruno Gama 52pts
4th Pizzi 50pts
5th Riki 45pts
6th Alex 42pts
7th Aranzubia 37pts
=8th Marchena 33pts
=8th Juan Dominguez 33pts
10th Laure 15pts
11th Manuel Pablo 14pts
12th Lux 12pts
13th Salomao 11pts
=14th Insua 9pts
=14th Silvio 9pts
16th Thiago Pinto 7pts
=17th Aythami 5pts
=17th Assuncao 5pts
=19th Bodipo 4pts
=19th Santos 4pts
=19th Ayoze 4pts
=22nd Oliveira 3pts
=22nd Camunas 3pts
24th Roderick 2pts
=25th Vasquez 1pt